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Below is our list of Bristol Channel swim records, will your name be the next to be added?! In 2022 a number fo these were taken up by Guinness World Records, links to those records are shown below.

If you can help us add any missing historic swims or add etxra detail to any we do have, please please please get in touch!  

First recorded crossing: Kathleen Thomas 5/9/1927

First reverse crossing: Edith Parnell 15/8/1929


Fastest recorded crossing: Gerald Forsberg 18/7/1964 [5hrs 40]


First crossing: Steve Price 28/9/1991


First reverse crossing: Steve Price 21/9/1992

First two way: Steve Price 22/9/1994

First Breast stroke: Philip Warren 21/9/2022


Fastest Crossing – Cynthia Aguilar 25/7/2023 [5hrs 9minutes 51seconds ]

First Crossing – Kevin Murphy 14/7/1971


First Reverse Crossing – Tom Chapman 19/6/2021


Fastest Crossing – Martyn Webster 19/9/2022 [9hrs 10]


First Crossing Geth Jones 13/9/2009


Fastest Sian Clement 23/7/2016 [14hrs 1min]


First Breast stroke Philip Warren 21/9/2022


20 hour club:

Lee Johnson [24-25/7/2023] 23 hours 21 minutes

Phil Warren [21/9/2022] 21hrs 47minutes

Geth Jones [13/9/2009] 21hours 39minutes

Sophie Smith [8-9-23] 21 hours 3 minutes

Swansea Ilfracombe was adopted as THE route for 'Fastest Bristol Channel Swim' by Guniness World Records, current holders are:

Sian Clement 14hrs 1 minute             - GWR link

Fergal Somerville 15hrs 35minutes    - GWR link

Most Bristol Channel Swims

Tom Chapman [6]

Penarth/Weston 17/6/2021 (6hrs 17minutes, 21seconds)


Penarth/Clevedon 2/7/2021 (6hrs, 38mins, 53seconds)


Porthcawl/Glenthorne 16/9/2021 (11hrs, 57minutes, 0 seconds)


Penarth/Clevedon 7/7/2022 (7hrs, 4 minutes, 12seconds)


Porthcawl/Foreland Point 6/8/2022 (12hours, 7minutes, 31seconds)

Minehead to Lavernock 16/6/2023 (9 hours, 10 minutes, 39 seconds)

Guiness World Records adopted "most" as a record, link here

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-06 at 9.06.14 AM.jpeg

First By Nationality

Kathleen Thomas – British [1927]

Ted Keenan – Irish [1975]

Jane Luscombe –Jersey [1976]

Kamil Resa Alsaran – Turkey [2020]

Avram Iancu – Romania [2022]

Florence Chadwick – America [1957]

Cynthia Aguilar - Maxico [2023]

Dina Levacic - Croatia [2023]

Rocio Mora - Costa Rica [2023]

Andrew Keay - Australia [2023]

Oldest Female Bristol Channel Swimmer

Pat Gallant-Charette, Porthcawl Glenthorne 19/9/2022 [71years 228days]


andrew wolf slip.png

Oldest Male Bristol Channel Swimmer

Prof Andrew Wolf Penarth-Clevedon 4/7/2021 [66years 183days]

Guinness World Record!

First Male Original triple crown – Kevin Murphy [1973]

First Female Original Triple Crown – Sian Clement [2022]

Fastest Aggregate Male OTC – Martyn Webster EC 11:35:00 16/9/2021 NC 13/8/2019 11:12:30 BC [Porthcawl Glenthorne] 19/9/2022 9:10:00 GWR!

Fastest Aggregate Female OTC – Sian Clement EC 1/7/2009 12:48 NC 10/7/2022 12:45 BC Swansea Ilfracombe 23/7/2016 14:01 GWR!

Oldest Female Original triple crown Pat Gallant Charette [71years 228 days] GWR!

Oldest Male Triple crown Fergal Somerville [59 years 46 days] GWR!

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