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How to ratify a swim

Below is a link to the 2024 ratification pack. The pack has been written to contain everything you should need to get your swim ratified. For 2024 we are continuing to operate to the internationally recognised MSF standards of observing and documenting

The pack is broken down into three sections:

  • Section one, register your swim! Please complete this section and get it back to us as soon as you can, especially if you plan on using a BCSA observer!

  • Section two guides you through the documentation requirements during your swim (particulary important if you wish to provide your own observer).

  • Section three details the post swim documentation requirements.

Please do your best to complete and submit everything, missing sections or incomplete forms could lead to delays in ratification!

2024 Ratification Pack

Links to MSF rulebooks:

Rules of channel swimming

Observer Requirements


The ratification process:

On completion of a swim the swimmer/observer should submit their documentation; swim report, observer report,  observer log, track (in gpx form), pictures and videos as defined in our ratification pack. This will be compiled by the BCSA and sent to the committee for ratification. In the case the documents are fully complete, all in order, and the swim meets the swim rules as set out, three members of the committee may sign it off, ratifying the swim.

If a query is raised or further information is required, the swimmer and observer will be approached to clarify or complete. In the case that this is sufficient to resolve the query, as above, three members of the committee can sign it off and ratify. If further information isn’t provided within 2 months of the request, the ratification will be declined.

In the case that a query or question still exists after further information is submitted, the committee will meet, review the submission and make a decision on the case.

If a swim is declined ratification, the swimmer will be notified the reason why. The committee will have gone through a thorough process to get to this point and this decision is final.

Note: in the case a BCSA committee member has either swum or observed, they are not permitted to sign the ratification.

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