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Penarth to Clevedon

Penarth to Clevedon is a lovely swim on the Eastern edge of the Bristol Channel. Do not be fooled by its 12 miles distance, this end of the channel has tides of nearly 14 metres and very fast moving water!

First swum in 1927 by Kathleen Thomas, this route is becoming very popular with 6 swimmers making it across in 2021!

Ratified Swims

Shelley swam on the 10/8/2023; details of her swim here.

Cynthia swam on the 25 July 2023, she is the first swimmer from Mexico to swim the Bristol Channel and set a new course record!! Details of the swim here.

Ros started her swim from lavernock point, Penarth Wales and swam to Clevedon Slipway. Details for her swim here.

Tom landed his fourth solo across the Bristol channel in the very early hours of the 8th of July (having started at 18.30 on the 7th). Details for his swim here.

Philip swam Penarth to Clevedon breast stroke in what we think is the first breast stroke crossing! Details here.

Laura Nesbitt


Laura landed the first swim of 2022 on slip at Clevedon on the 7th July 2022. Further info required. Pending ratification. Some video clips from here swim here.

Andrew Wolf


Andrew Wolf - swam Penarth to Clevedon the 4th July 2021, piloted by Ceri Davies. The swim was ratified by the BLDSA, certificate here.

Tom swam 3 crossings in 2021, this was the second swim, completed in 6 hours 38 on the 2nd July, two weeks after his Weston swim! Pending ratification with the MSF. Details of the swim can be found here.

Sue Croft


Sue Croft - Pending

Jo was inspired by Alec Richardson and his book "Ask me why I'm Standing here". She swam at the end of September and set a new record for fastest crossing of this route! Her swim was ratified with the MSF and is an MSF documented swim, link here and some of the documentation we hold here!

Alec Richardson

Alec Richardson swan the channel in 2009 and wrote an excellent book "Ask me why I'm Standing here" documenting his journey! His swim was ratified by the BLDSA

Gary Carpenter


Gary Carpenter was only 16 when he swam the channel, making him (we believe) the youngest person to make the crossing! News article here

Stephen Price


Not satsfied by Swimming this route from Either direction, in 1994 he swam an incredible two way swim, landing back in Clevedon after 15 hours and 43 minutes! Nice write up here/. Stephen has also completed the North and English Channels but to the definition of the original triple crown, he isnt listed as Clevedon to Penarth isnt "far enough". Surely a two way counts!

Stephen Price


In 1992 Steve Price swam Clevedon to Penarth, the reverse direction from his 1991 swim!

Stephen Price


First of three swims by Clevedon local Stephen Price; Penarth to Clevedon in 1991. First known swim landing at Clevedon.

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