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Penarth to Weston Super Mare

At around 9 miles in a straight line, this is the shortest recongnised route but by no means the easiest! The shape of the Bristol Channel funnels the water, increasing its speed and the height of the tide to over 14 metres at this point. The slightest bit of wind and the water becomes very agressive with short sharp chop! This swim also sits on two bends in the channel and with two islands in the middle, the currents are very strong and very unpredictable, this is by no means an easy swim!

Ratified Swims

Jo Bolton swam in 2022, landing near to Birnbeck Pier. Details of the swim here. Ratified by the BCSA

Tom swam 3 crossings in 2021, this was the second swim, completed in 6 hours 38 on the 2nd July, two weeks after his Weston swim! Penarth to Weston Super Mare. This swim is ratifed by the MSF. Details of the swim can be found here.

Gerald Forsberg

Gerald Forsberg - Penarth to Weston Super Mare

Florence Chadwick

Florence Chadwick swam in 1957. Thanks to her great niece, we have some lovely pics and cuttings from the swim here!

Jenny James

Jenny James - Weston Super Mare to Penarth

Jenny James

Jenny James - Weston Super Mare to Penarth

Edward Temme

Edward Temme - Weston Super Mare to Penarth

Edith Parnell

Edith Swam the Bristol Channel as a 16 year old in 1929, taking 10 1/4 hours to swim from Penarth to Sweston Super Mare. Theres an amazing Pathe film of here swim on youtube here:

Grandfather of 1976 Porthcawl swimmer Jane Luscombe, Harry was the first man to swim the Weston Super Mare route in 1929. More info on their swims here!

Kathleen Thomas 5/9/1927

Kathleen Thomas, often credited as the first woman to swim the Bristol Channel, she is however the first person period to swim the Bristol Channel! Amazing write up of her story here.

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