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Florence Chadwick

Penarth to Weston-Super-Mare

Swim time: 6 hours 7 minutes

Date: 5-8-1957

Start: Anchor Head slipway (England)

Finish: Penarth (Wales)

Swim details:

Florence Chadwick from the USA swam the Weston Super Mare route way back in 1957, first known American swimmer! The time of 6 hours 7 minutes broke the existing record for the route. Florence also swam the English channel six times, and was the first female to swim it in both directions. 

Against the Current: Florence Chadwick in and out of the water | San Diego Reader

Florence Chadwick Biography (

4 Florence Chadwick Bristol Photos & High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Pictures and clippings:

Huge thank you to her grand niece, Jenny Baker for the pics! 

Youtube videos:

A selection of youtube videos of her swims:

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