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Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones

Ilfracombe to Caswell Bay (Swansea)


21hours 39 minutes 34 seconds

Observer: "Dafydd"

Swim support: "Mike and Dave"

Boat crew: "Simon and Ceri"

Gethin was the first person to swim from Ilfracombe to Swansea bay on the 13th September 2009.

Previously he had been awarded 'most meritous swim' (trophy above) in the English Channel!

Geth later attempted a two way crossing on the Bristol Channel at Penarth (2010) but was beaten back by strong tides, newspaper article here.

Geth was incidental in getting the Bristol Channel Association going and was passionate about furthering swimming in the Bristol Channel. Sadly he died whilst on a cycling holiday in 2021, details of his memorial fund are below.

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