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Avram Iancu

Glenthorne to Whitmore Stairs 21-7-2022

Swim time:  11hrs 42minutes

Start: Glenthorne, Devon

Finish: Whitmore Stairs, Wales

Observer:      Martin Alan Grey

Pilot:              Elliot Baircome

Swim crew:   Istvan Matyi, Cristian Medeleanu

Other: First recorded crossing by a Romanian swimmer!

Ratified by the BCSA.

Swimmers report:

Swimming the English Channel in 17 h 54 min, 2016, changed my life! Since then, my path has been the path of the waters, making several special swims. This year I wanted to make an official crossing of a channel from the world circuit of straits. I experienced the nostalgia of the feelings in England and wanted to return to the UK to cross one of the 3 channels of the UK: the Bristol Channel. I was missing a swim in which I would not be involved in the logistics at all. The swim was quite tough. I could notice from the beginning what strength the currents have. The only notable problem was the fact that because of the salinity my mouth was very affected. I live far from the sea and the vast majority of my training takes place in fresh waters. After 11 hours and 42 minutes of swimming, we reached the shore in Wales. I shouted for joy and jumped up. Then I swam back to the boat. I am glad to be the pioneer of Romanian crossings of the Bristol Channel and the 14th in the world from this short list of swimmers who have succeeded in crossing this route.
Thanks to the support team on the boat, Cristi Medeleanu and Istvan Matyi, the pilots and the observer, the sponsors and the fans.

Observers report:

observers log2.jpg



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