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Other swims that cant be ratified

Channel swimming rules arent for everyone; the list below are swims across the channel that cant be ratified (this is mainly wetsuit swimmers).

Stephen Burke swam a tandem wetsuit solo with Chris Collins-Jones from Penarth to Weston-Super-Mare in October 2023. Details here: Stephen Burke, Chris Collin-Jones

Rob swam in 2023 from Penarth to Clevedon. The swim is fully documented here but Rob chose to wear a wetsuit so it is unratified.

Bryce Davies and Robin Griffiths

Bryce and Robin swam a tandem Penarth to Clevedon in October 2021. Both were swimming solo but side by side off one boat and both wearing wetsuits.

Neil Gilson

In July 2021 Neil swam Swansea to ilfracombe in a wetsuit in an incredible 12 hours. More on his facebook page here.

Jo McCready

Jo swam Clevdeon to Penarth in 2015. There is a nice write up here. The swim is unratified.

Craig Napper

Craig Swam Penarth Weston in 2013, some details of his swim here.

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