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Unfinished Business

Channel swimming is one of the toughest solo sports you could possibly attempt, not only is it the ultimate test of strength and endurance, its also a fight with mother nature that even the best swimers sometimes lose! If the channel doesnt want you to cross, she can make it pretty tough!

We like to think of those swims as unfinished business and we really hope the swimmers take pride in their achievements and come back to fight another day. Below are details of a few swimmers that have unfinished business...

Milko attempted Porthcawl to Glenthorne in July 2022. The attempt was on for a super fast time despite a force 4 wind blowing pretty much all day. The constant chop damaged his shoulder and forced an early finish. Details of the attempt and video here:

Philip Warren


Philip attempted the little travelled Penarth to Weston Super Mare route in June 2022. Despite a huge battle, the huge tide at that end of the channel eventually won out, sweeping Phil out past Brean down and effectively finishing the swim with no suitable landing point. Great swim given the temperature! video here.

Loretta Cox
4hrs 5

Loretta attempted Glenthorne to Porthcawl in 2021. She started really well but a shoulder injury ended her swim early.

Tom Chapman
8hrs 16

Tom attempted Glenthorne to Porthcawl in August 2021. He swam 6 hours up the channel with wind over tide chop hitting him in the face, whenn the tide turned the wind shifted a complete 180 and he had wind over tide for another 2 hours! In the 8 hours he swam, they made very little progress across the channel. Tom did not want to land the swim at Nash point, he wanted to make Porthcawl and missing the tide race effectively ended his swim.

Gethin Jones

Little known fact but Geth attempted a two way crossing of Penarth to Weston back in 2010. In the event the savage currents ended the attempt a mile short of the first leg. News report here.

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