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Lundy Island

Lundy Island is a real gem sitting in the Bristol Channel off the beautiful North Devon coast. It is the largest Island in the Bristol Channel and sits approximately 19km from Devon.

Swim routes
The shortest route by no means the easiest is from Hartland point to Lundy is approx 12 miles
as the crow flies. At the start you have Hartland race to contend with at the finish you have the
brutal currents around Lundy Island.

It takes skilful piloting or you will simply miss the island!

The longer routes being: lundy to the mainland which varies from approximately 12miles to 21
miles in theory (list not exhaustive) you have Hartland point, Clovelly, Westward Ho! Saunton
Sands and Woolacombe to choose from. No doubt this will grow over 2022/3 onwards as many locals have it on their bucket lists!

The swim was first landed in 1952, there is an excellent trophy kept in Clovelly named after Cyril Webber cup, everyone that makes the swim from Hartland Point can have their name engraved onto it!


Previous Swims

Sadie Davies
8hours 55


Sadie Davies became the first female to swim to Lundy Island in 2019. Her swim was in a wetsuit. There is a lovely write up for her swim here.

Steve Maclure and Gary Readman
8hours 30

Steve and Gary Swam tandem wetsuit solos in 2016, landing in 8 hours and 30 minutes! There is a there is a nice article on their swim here.

Nick Thorne
6hrs 30

Nick swam from Wollacombe in 2017 in a wetsuit. NIce video of the swim here. .

Captain Hassan Abdel Rahim


swimmers Captain Hassan Abdel Rahim and North Devon swimmer Cyril Webber swam
from Hartland point to Lundy. Hassan was successful unfortunately Cyril DNF. Lovely write up on their swim here.

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