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Lee Johnson

Glenthorne to Newton Beach Porthcawl 22-6-2022

Swim time:  11hrs 43minutes 36 seconds

Start: Glenthorne Bay, Devon.

Finish: Newton Beach Porthcawl

Observer:      Victoria Lea

Swim Crew:   Peter Maurice, Bill Hitchcock.


Boat: Cougar            

Ratified by the BCSA!

Swimmers report:

What inspired me to do the swim?

I am working towards completing the original Triple Crown, last year I successfully swam the English Channel and in September 2022 will be attempting the North Channel.

I have 2 young daughters and want them know they can do anything if they plan and apply themselves properly


How I planned for the swim.

I average 10-15h of swimming a week generally in the swimming season and trained as usual, in April I attended a swimming camp in Menorca which included a 10h training swim with a total of 30h of swimming in the week

 I try not to put myself under pressure and prefer to approach the challenge as ‘its just another swim’


How did the swim go?

The swim went fine with no issues, the conditions were perfect and I really enjoyed every minute of it.

Observers report:



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