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Dave Berry

Porthcawl to Heddons Mouth 24/8/23

Swum in Tandem with Barry Murphy

Swim time:  10hr 17 minutes

Start: Sandy Bay Porthcawl

Finish: Heddons Mouth Devon

Observer:      Peter Foster

Pilot:              Aston Grindrod

Ratified by the BCSA.

Swimmers report:

Bristol Channel (Wales to England)
24th August 2023
Swam 38.5km
Duration 10hrs 17mins

A week after my Strait of Gibraltar swim I got the chance to swim the Bristol Channel. I had traveled to swim it back in July but unfortunately, after making the early start to the English side, we couldn't start the swim because of the weather.  I had originally booked it as a solo swim but last minute I switched to swimming it as a tandem swim with Barry Murphy. 


The swim was great, with a good buzz, and banter. The conditions got more challenging as the ten-hour swim progressed.  Barry and I were well-matched and the chats at feed time were a nice distraction. It was never a question or doubt that we wouldn’t finish it more a question of when.  The crew from @bristolswim were great as was Peter our observer. Ceri was really helpful with the rescheduling of my swim. It was a really positive fun swim and the crew on the boat all seemed to enjoy the day. 

Observers report:



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