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The number one question we get asked, who can take me across!


Although there have been 100 years of swims taking place in the Bristol Channel, there are very few active commercial pilots who have successfuly taken a swimmer across. Below is the list.

When booking your swim we strongly advise you to check the pilots experience of both navigating the Bristol Channel and escorting swimmers. Escorting a swimmer at less than two knots through these waters is very challenging! All of the pilots have other work swims need to fit around so ask if you can book a tidal window and how many swimmers will be on the window (as per the EC) or if you are being offered single day slots. Check your payment terms and payment due dates. Have a look at their policies on bad weather, rescheduling and cancellations. Ask where the boat is moored and where you will need to meet them (this year boats will be piloting out of Cardiff, Swansea and Ilfracombe). Make sure you are fully happy with all the T's and C's before you book a swim!

You do have the option in the Bristol Channel of finding your own pilot, be warned however the Bristol Channel has the second largest tidal range in the World and with tides pushing 15 metres at the eastern end, we strongly recommend if you go down this route you do your due dilegence!

Please note although we know and work with the pilots, our role is to observe and ratify swims, not to provide a boat and a pilot! We have no commercial links to the pilot boats. Follow the links to their websites below

Ceri Davies -
Swansea Watersport/Bristol Channel Swimming

Ceri has a commercial watersport business based in Swansea and a number of suitable boats. He has piloted all four routes and has set up the website linked to take swim bookings (click on the picture). Swims are off the rib in the picture (cobra) or a smaller 6.5m rib "cougar"


Mark Hutchings
WIld Frontier Charter Ilfracombe

Mark has a ten metre catamaran charter business based in Ilfracombe. The boat has plenty of space and a dive lift. 


Meuryn Hughes -
One Ocean Cardiff

Meuryn has an RYA training school in Cardiff and has successfully taken swimmers on his 6.5m rib "Scorpio"!


Andrew Edwards

Andrew piloted Sians Swansea swim but is not a commercial pilot.

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